14 year old Benjamin moved to Israel five years ago along with his three younger brothers. Benjamin and his brothers suffered from abuse and neglect as their father (having been diagnosed with a severe mental illness) would often act out violently towards their mother. Teachers from his school identified Benjamin as a verbally and physically abusive child and alerted social services of his delinquent behaviour. Already having 3 criminal charges against him, Benjamin was referred to the UIA sponsored Kiryat Yearim Youth Village at the start of the 2009-2010 school year. Benjamin was given the care and attention he required at the village. The staff went to great lengths to show him encouragement and support. After a short period, Benjamin began to overcome his violent tendencies and show signs of progress. His development was consistent and gradually he learned to communicate with authority figures in a respectful and trusting manner. After Benjamin had comfortably settled into his new environment, the village staff set various diagnostic tests in order to ascertain his scholastic level and respond to his specific learning deficiencies. All the while, Benjamin was accompanied by a team of caring and qualified counsellors, advisors and teachers to accommodate his special emotional needs. Today, Benjamin is characterized as a responsible young man, showing great promise and potential to succeed. He is a loyal, reliable friend and a respected member of the village. The process that Benjamin underwent has given him the confidence to express his dreams and desires and empowers him to continue working towards making those dreams a reality.