Currently one in four Israeli children live below the poverty line. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of Israel’s youth are at risk of marginalization. KH-UIA’s flagship ‘Youth Futures’ program is currently working to break patterns of failure and risky behaviour among Israel’s most acutely disadvantaged youth. Working in tandem with the schools, young post-army aged mentors have succeeded in rehabilitating tens of thousands of children throughout the country. Meanwhile, Israel’s hallmark Youth Villages, work as residential high school models to provide all-encompassing, nurturing educational environments for severely underprivileged children, in dire need of personalized emotional and educational care. These highly vulnerable ‘youth at risk’ end up finishing high school, enlisting in the IDF and living fulfilled productive lives as part of mainstream Israeli society.

Youth Futures

One out of every four youngsters in Israel is at risk of dropping out of school and other normative frameworks. The situation is particularly dire among children of immigrant families from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Once on the streets, many youngsters turn to crime, alcohol, and/or drugs.

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