Absorption Centres

Why Absorption Centres?

Adjusting to a new society, looking for a place to live, and finding employment are daunting tasks. When coupled with the need to learn a new language and, in the case of Ethiopian olim, make an overnight transition from an agrarian, patriarchal society to a fast-paced, technological culture – the challenge is overwhelming. Absorption centres provide a secure, sheltered environment in which new immigrants can live – generally for a year – until they adapt to their new environment.

What are Absorption Centres?

  • Absorption centres are temporary, furnished living quarters located throughout Israel where new immigrants enjoy a supportive framework, tailored to their specific needs, free of charge
  • For vulnerable populations such as single-parent families, youth and students who are in Israel without family, the elderly, and immigrants from Ethiopia and other countries of distress, absorption centres
  • help cushion the difficulty of integrating into a new society

How do they work?

In addition to housing, the absorption centre helps to ease the adjustment to Israel and offer:

  • Hebrew language Ulpan classes
  • Orientation programs, seminars, job placement workshops, and lectures regarding employment and educational opportunities
  • Cultural programs, celebrations of Jewish holidays, courses and field trips that teach about Judaism, Zionism, and life in Israel
  • Nursery school programs for young children

How are they unique?

  • Absorption centres offer a wide variety of services to facilitate the newcomers’ integration, providing them with the tools they need to live independently
  • Preparation
    for prospective olim begins in their countries of origin
  • Professional teams with extensive experience closely accompany the new immigrants through the absorption process
  • During this transition period, the new olim live in a worry-free environment where all their needs are tended to

Whom do they help?

  • Over 10,000 new immigrants, the majority from Ethiopia, who live in 22 absorption centers throughout Israel