High Tech Leaders


To advance Israel’s science and technology leadership, KH-UIA promotes R&D within the scientific community as well as scientific education at a high school level. Making sure science and technological education is available to all is the best way to ensure Israel’s future leadership in these areas. KH-UIA has become the central fundraising address for advancing R&D, aimed at developing sustainable cost effective alternative energy to replace oil. This field is now recognized as crucial to global interests and is especially critical to Israel, a country that suffers from world- dependence on oil-producing countries which support terror.

What is the Alternative Energy Strategic Initiative?

The fund was created within the framework of a collaborative partnership entered into with a new government agency that was created to further the development of alternative energy for the purpose of:

  • Reducin
  • g world dependence on oil-producing countries that support terror and seek Israel’s demise
  • Furthering crucial global environmental interests by developing clean energy and reducing unsustainable oil consumption which is fast depleting world oil reserves
  • Positioning Israel as a world leader in the field of renewable and sustainable energy development
  • Creating opportunity for top Israeli scientists involved in R&D overseas to return to Israel and pursue their research interests, within a stimulating energy technology-focused scientific milieu.
  • Encouraging aliyah by young researchers and scientists

Why is Israel the natural choice?

  • Israel is already
    a world leader in utilization of solar energy – the highest per capita, worldwide, and has been pioneering various areas of alternative energy technologies for decades:
  • Israel’s groundbreaking achievements in developing solar energy, already in the early 1980s, can be seen in California’s import of Israeli solar-based energy fields.
  • Israel’s electrochemical experts have made significant contributions to advancing safer and greener energy storage and Israel’s agricultural innovations provide the foundation for industrial processes to convert foliage and agricultural refuse into easily transportable fuel.
  • Israel is leading in the race to develop a cost-effective electric car