Educational Youth Villages

Why Educational Youth Villages?

The rise in the number of youth-at-risk is one of Israel’s most serious social problems. Out of an estimated 475,000 youngsters who are considered “at risk,” close to 50% are from poor immigrant families from the periphery, where acute disadvantage is often compounded by the trauma of terror and war. From an early age, they suffer from educational and social gaps, and all too often become involved with drugs, alcohol, and crime.  Without intervention they remain in danger of dropping out of school and becoming entrapped in a lifelong cycle of poverty and despair – with severe consequences for the State of Israel.

What are Educational Youth Villages?

  • Educational youth villages are residential frameworks operated by the Jewish Agency that provide a remedial education to severely disadvantaged youth ages 12-18 in a warm, supportive atmosphere
  • They are a “last resort” before the youngsters are sent to juvenile delinquency facilities

How do they work?

  • A remedial program based on intensive study in small groups helps close educational and social gaps
  • Extra-curricular programs build self-esteem and a sense of responsibility
  • Individually tailored therapy and psychological counselling address specific problems
  • Professional training programs in areas such as automotive engineering, medical etc. provide the youngsters with gainful vocations

How are they unique?

  • Nearly 90% of the graduates are integrated into the regular high schools
  • Matriculation rates are higher than the national average
  • 85% of the graduates are accepted into the Israeli armed forces

Whom do they help?

  • Close to 1000 at-risk youth, over 50% of whom are children of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia