UIA For a Day

For those visiting Israel and interested in experiencing UIA FOR A DAY, please contact UIA on 1300 ISRAEL (1300 477 235). We would love to organise a tour for you to see first-hand how hard your donation dollar works. Experiencing our programs in Israel provides you a deeper understanding not only of how the programs are run but more importantly the need for these projects in Israel. Many of our current YoungUIA donors have visited our projects. Below, some of them share with you their experiences.



Ben Shafir

On the 13th of September 2016, Ben Shafir visited several UIA projects. Below, we share a summary of Ben’s experience, shared from a Keren Hayesod represntative in Israel.

The day began by meeting Ben at the Keren Hayesod-UIA office in Jerusalem, for a brief introductory meeting with Moshe Aviv ,the new Director of Leadership Development. We then departed to Sderot in the South, where we met Ofer Baram (Southern Region Community Director), who joined us as we toured and heard about the challenges that face the people in Sderot on a daily basis. Following a visit to a lookout point overlooking the Gaza Strip, we continued to the see the border crossing and then to the Police station in the city of Sderot where there is a display of some of the thousands of rockets that have fallen in the area over the years. From the police station we went for a lunch at “Falafel Hagesher” in Beer Sheva and then we visited the Youth Futures project where we met a mentor and a mother with her child that are participating in this program. They shared their personal story and how the Youth Futures program supports them and helps them through the difficulties in their life. As a teacher, Ben was surprised to hear that on average Israeli classes have 35 to 40 students, which stressed why our Youth Future program is essential and significant. We continued from there to the Net@ project in Beer Sheva, where we met students and their instructors. There was a wonderful dynamic between them and Ben, his teaching wonderful teaching skills clear to all.  It was a lovely day spent with a true and dedicated supporter of Israel and UIA.”

Shafir 1

Adam Krongold

Adam Krongold also had the opportunity to visit a UIA project to the Net@ Project in Ramle. Adam was met there by a Director of the Net@ Program, the Direction of Net@ in Ramle, and 4 students, graduates and current counsellors of the program. Adam was very impressed and enjoyed his visit.

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