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  • Liat’s story

    6th grader Liat lives with her mother who has extreme financial and emotional issues. Liat’s father, the family’s source of emotional and financial support had a stroke, becoming incapacitated, forcing her mother to stop working. This traumatised the children. The impact of her father’s ill health reflected in Liat’s low self-confidence and withdrawal.Her Youth Futures Trustee struggled to gain Liat’s trust initially but slowly tried to create a secure environment for her to open up in.The first step of this process was to reinforce her self-confidence through the Dancing Club.This did wonders for building her self-confidence. She began to develop new social... Read More

  • Isiah’s story

    “I will never forget waking at midnight to leave for Jerusalem. I was only seven, but I knew that Jews were not allowed to leave Ethiopia. From that night on we were always in danger.” Isiah made Aliyah from Ethiopia with his family in 1984. They walked for weeks across the scorching desert, were robbed by bandits, shot at by rebels and barely survived the disease infested refugee camp in Sudan. Isiah’s first home in Israel was at a UIA-KH sponsored Absorption Centre in Northern Israel.“My army service was the best thing for me,” says Isiah, who served in a combat unit for three years. Following the army, he began studying graphic design and art. If it had not been for... Read More

  • Benjamin’s story

    14 year old Benjamin moved to Israel five years ago along with his three younger brothers. Benjamin and his brothers suffered from abuse and neglect as their father (having been diagnosed with a severe mental illness) would often act out violently towards their mother. Teachers from his school identified Benjamin as a verbally and physically abusive child and alerted social services of his delinquent behaviour. Already having 3 criminal charges against him, Benjamin was referred to the UIA sponsored Kiryat Yearim Youth Village at the start of the 2009-2010 school year. Benjamin was given the care and attention he required at the village. The staff went to great lengths to show him... Read More